Cannabusiness: Ohio Businesses Are Ahead of Lawmakers in Green Economy

Canabusiness High Times

An excerpt from the High Times article:

Laws regulating marijuana are changing dramatically and quickly all over the U.S. and, with a few ignoble exceptions (thanks for nothing, North Carolina), the changes have been for the better. Four states, plus the District of Columbia, have now eased up on recreational-use laws, and more states are lining up to follow, with Ohio likely to be the next to join the ranks of the legal—possibly by November of this year.

Some ganjapreneurs in the Buckeye State are preparing for the inevitable changes in legislation.Crain’s Cleveland Business reported recently on the diversification of asset manager Darrin Farrow, who has been investing in business opportunities associated with the cultivation and production of medical marijuana. Farrow co-founded MAD Farmaceuticals, which, among other things, will support cultivators with software to monitor and analyze their operations.

Farrow said property-owners and investors who are eager to convert real estate into cultivation facilities are calling him regularly and often…. Read More.

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