About Us

FunkSac is a veteran owned business based in Denver, CO. We are committed to providing you the best customer services and compliant packaging solutions for the legal cannabis industry; both medical and recreational markets.

Child Safety

We are committed to providing the highest level of child resistant packaging and have the test results from an ISO certified testing facility to prove it. Our child resistant packaging line continues to evolve as we are committed to providing the best protection.

Tamper Evident

Our packaging gives you the highest sense of security and meets the compliance requirements of transporting products.

Strong & Puncture Resistant

We make use of strong and puncture resistant materials, so contents remain in the bags.


Our odor barrier technology secures the odor while keeping the contents fresh and protected.

FunkSac is a one stop shop where you get superior quality and a wide range of packaging solutions. Here are the top 4 reasons for you to choose FunkSac.

Made in USA icon

Made in USA!

The “Made in USA” trademarks are getting scarce every day and here is the reason why.  When a product is labeled “Made in USA”, it means that product has passed thorough, extremely tough quality checking protocols by the concerned USA authorities. When other products fail to go through such scrutiny, we proudly say that our product has passed all quality checks and is certified by an ISO approved testing facility!

FDA icon

FDA Approved Eco-friendly Material

At Funksac, we make sure that our products use nothing but the highest quality, Eco-friendly material. Our plastics are all made with FDA approved material. Our materials are Eco-friendly, fully recyclable and we are committed to the top sustainability practices in our industry.

Security icon

Better Security

Our vision is to create bags & packaging for “grown-ups” that you can use to protect things that are far more important to you: your privacy, your kids and your pets.

Our mission is providing secure and strong packaging to medical and recreational markets. Following are some of the several security features of our packaging products.

Customization icon


We’ve made packaging more innovative, fun and interactive for you by introducing following customization options.

  • Printing and labeling
  • Multiple sizes
  • B2C and B2B
  • Consultation and customization