Garett Fortune: Child Resistant Packaging for the Cannabis Industry

Garrett Fortune FunkSac

MARCH 4, 2015

Garett Fortune is one of those intelligent entrepreneurial types who saw a gap in a market he knew well and sought to develop a product that fulfilled the demand. With our industry growing so incredibly fast, we are, as a whole, still learning the ropes. When Colorado legalized they didn’t have any compliance measures in place, so they had a huge problem with accidental consumption in children. That is the moment when FunkSac was founded and became the go-to resource for manufactures and consumers alike who were searching for compliant child-resistant packaging for cannabis products.

What was the deciding factor for you to join this particular industry?

My brother came down with cancer, Stage IV Esophageal cancer and we immediately started looking into different cures and pain treatments and found cannabis to have numerous medicinal properties. Unfortunately he passed soon after his diagnosis, but I was able to see how cannabis relieved a lot of the pain and nausea he had and for that, I was very thankful.

I continued to do my research on the industry itself and saw some major gaps for packaging cannabis and noticed that there weren’t currently any packaging that utilized child-lock features to prevent accidental consumption. That’s when I launched FunkSac, so I could pursue this market and offer a line of products that the industry so obviously needed.

What were you doing before the green rush?

I was actually a software executive for about 15 years and after that I started a recycling company. From there, I started working with plastics and came upon a personal need for an odorless bag and so I started a consumer products company called OdorNo, which provides odor-barrier bags for newborn parents and pet owners alike. So, the concept of odor-proof bags was something I was very familiar with before starting FunkSac. It lead me right into this opportunity and although I still run all three companies, FunkSac is occupying most of time because of the high demand.

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