Good Things Come in Smart Packages

Cannabis Packaging

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New growers are joining the industry, hoping to capitalize on rapid growth and broader public acceptance of marijuana use. Newcomers and many veterans have a steep learning curve when it comes to understanding how important packaging and branding is to their product, and how compliance plays a role in packaging choices and quantities ordered. These factors are a significant part of the total cost of goods regardless of the type of product being sold.

What makes a great cannabis package? Here’s how Nick Kovacevich, CEO of Kush Bottles, a distributor of marijuana packaging and supplies, defines packaging:

-It keeps the product safe, convenient and compliant with regulations
-It is labeled to educate consumers about the product and its possible effects
-It draws consumers with a compelling brand message
-It fits into the company’s economic model, whether operating in a single state or attempting to build a national or international brand.

In trying to meet those criteria, growers are most often challenged by the cost of packaging and processing, according to Garett Fortune, CEO of FunkSac, a Colorado-based packaging company. “You want the compliant side of your house to be in order, and you want to market your product in a way that dispensaries and retailers can sell it,” Fortune says. “But there is cost associated with that.”

Packaging that meets American standards for safety and food-grade materials can be costly. “In a market like ours, people gravitate toward the value of American-made, but money is also a national value, and it’s a huge consideration for us,” says Christian MacMillan, vape specialist at Rogue Raven Farms in Shelton, Washington.

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