Local entrepreneur cashing in on marijuana industry out West.

FunkSac Bags Odor proof bag video

Columbus — The noises getting louder…the demand getting bigger for what’s being pumped, stamped and rolled out of here. Tucked between the “munchie machines” that make bags for everything from chocolate covered pretzels to kettle corn, is this run of silver packaging that’s become a gold-mine for a man named Fortune.
“I came from software and thought the tech boom was big. But this is way faster,” said Garett Fortune. The story of how Garett Fortune of Rocky River bagged the software industry for the uncharted waters of marijuana packaging…starts as far away from Ohio as you can get.

Somalia 1992. Fortune was special forces and saw his share of friends killed in combat. “I wanted to come up with odorless technology for a body bag. So it didn’t give up a soldier’s position when something happened. A tragedy,” Fortune explained.

His first invention: OdorNo, a seal-able practically smell-proof packaging to contain foul smells used from nurseries to nursing homes. Little did he know these little green bags were used as distribution packages for little green growers. “We started seeing a spike in sales at standard grocery stores of odor bags at certain times of year, learned that they were used for harvesting.”

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