Why ‘cannabusinesses’ choose stand-up pouches for marijuana packaging

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An excerpt from the Packaging Digest Article published on August 31, 2015:

A product’s package has the ability to tell a brand’s story and grab a person’s attention in those crucial three-to-four seconds one spends deciding what to purchase in a retail store. Packaging can communicate a company’s values and shape consumers’ perception of an item both visually and tactilely.

Leading brands place great emphasis on packaging when introducing a new product or reformulating an existing item. Companies entering an industry rife with misrepresentation and misinformation should also be placing great care and focus on their packaging’s ability to transform common assumptions about their product and business.

Medical and recreational marijuana is one such industry that, while booming, is still relatively new and shrouded in controversy. Nearly half of the United States has passed laws legalizing cannabis, and yet brands in this market are faced with numerous challenges getting their products into dispensaries and, ultimately, to their target consumers.

Smart “cannabusinesses” are partnering with consultants, licensing experts, packaging suppliers and strategic marketers to ensure they are abiding by their state’s legal regulations and presenting their marijuana products in their very best light.

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